RPG To Do List. Calendar. Habit tracker

Increase motivation, achieve daily goals, build habits, transform life into game
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Plan, organise and track your todos

Organize your life with Do It Now
We will help you to add game elements into your everyday tasks, make schedule, add daily reminders and organize your life with built-in skills, characteristics and level ups.
Gamify your daily tasks
You will get virtual copy of yourself and ability to track your skills, characteristics and statistics. When task is performed in real life - your virtual hero will get skills and characteristics increased, gain additional experience and could level up.
Self improvement
Track personal growth in different areas with customizable characteristics. Increase your everyday productivity by creating flexible system with skills. Basic sets already added to organizer.
Handy calendar

Get overview on plans for months, weeks or days. Find most suitable time to schedule your tasks. Keep track of your progress.

Manage your time

Do It Now can remind you about critical tasks with notifications. Add smart reminders so you never forget a thing.

Colorful themes

With beautiful themes, you’re guaranteed to save time and achieve great things.

Track your progress

Overview your progress with fancy charts. Use characteristics and skills charts to reveal your strong and weak sides. Customize your dashboard to show daily success charts with tasks, gold and experience.

Rewards system

Get gold from performed tasks and buy self-assigned rewards. E.g. you can add reward "Watch a movie" with 100 gold, buy it and indeed watch a movie in real life as a reward for hard work!

Flexible tasks setup

Do It Now allows to add really flexible tasks. Setup custom repetitions (daily, weekly, weekdays, or monthly), infinite repeats, finish date\time, difficulty\importance\fear, auto-fail on overdue, bind skills, combine tasks in groups, add subtasks and much more.

Built-in icons

Lots of icons included to customize your tasks. You can even setup custom colors for the icons. Make goal setting easy.

Habit tracker

Generate useful habits. You can habitify any task, just enable habit generation for it. Use Do It Now as productivity app to generate any habit as in RPG game!